First In House Micro Roasting Cafe in Orangeville!

Come on In and watch your coffee beans roast before your eyes,  then buy a pound to take home.

Join our ‘Bean’ Program today, Buy 10 pounds of regular freshly in house roasted coffee beans and get 1 pound free!

Ask us about our wholesale roasted coffee bean pricing and custom coffee blend offerings.

Superb Coffee…

We roast all of our coffee in house on a daily basis to ensure we can offer the freshest possible coffee.

Our coffee and coffee blends come from the finest coffee estates of the world.

At Mochaberry you can enjoy the exquisite tastes of:

  • Single-origin coffees from all over the world; Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya, Sumatra and Colombia.
  • Exotic coffee beans from Hawaii, Jamaica, Porto Rico and Galapagos Islands to name a few.  All roasted on demand when you order to your preferred roasting level.
  • Blended coffees combined to create unique flavours, balanced between light-medium to dark.
  • Flavoured coffees
  • Espresso Coffee
  • Decaf – Swiss Water Process or Mountain Water Process